Fergus Cleaver: Partner and Chartered Accountant


Fergus Cleaver is a seasoned partner at Cleaver Partners, an international accounting firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has more than a 10 years of experience in international taxation, management consulting, financial forecasting, bookkeeping, business financing and succession planning. He has a well earned reputation as one of Auckland’s accounting authorities.

Cleaver Partners client list includes many businesses of New Zealand’s economy from transportation and logistics, tourism and hospitality, professional services, freight, legal services, the trades, to marketing and advertising, and more.

Cleaver Partners primary focus is on businesses in New Zealand, but Fergus Cleaver has worked with many companies that do business internationally such as Australia, East Asia, India, North America, and beyond.

Mr. Cleaver’s communication with clients makes him an valuable asset for Cleaver Partners — but most importantly, his clients. He sees himself more as a trusted partner and guide for his clients. Fergus Cleaver likes to stay informed about legislative and market changes, allowing him to be up to date regarding the newest regulatory developments that can affect his clients’ finances and business-planning activities.

Fergus Cleaver is Auckland born and raised, and attended the University of Auckland as a business major and economics minor. He additionally attended Simon Fraser University in Canada, where he studied economics.

Upon returning to the New Zealand, Fergus took an entry level position at Cleaver Partners and worked his way up during the next five years. With the practical knowledge gained and the work he put in, in 2013, he was named a principal of Cleaver Partners.

Responsible for managing client relationships, Cleaver also oversees the day-to-day operational activities at the Cleaver Partners’ home office.

Fergus Cleaver’s Involvement in Community

In his off time, Fergus enjoys skiing, travel, and working with several non profits and charities in the greater Auckland area. He donates his time and money to different arts and cultural groups, child welfare organizations, poverty alleviation charities, social justice organizations for New Zealand’s native peoples, and animal welfare societies, among others.

Along with Cleaver Partners, he provides some pro bono accounting and business advisory services to some of these groups.

Fergus Cleaver is also an advocate for sustainable development and power-generation practices, including small-scale hydropower projects that minimally disrupt natural ecosystems.

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